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Here's how it works

Making an appointment for your examination

On the day of the exam

After the exam


Taking a certification examination has never been easier.

If you are planning to get certified and earn the designation CIMP (Certified Internet Meeting Professional) - there is good news:

CIMPA has partnered with George Mason University HyperLearning Center to allow you to take unlimited review sessions on the internet. You take the actual examination onsite at George Mason University or at CIMPA's Annual Conference.

Here's how it works:

bulletFax your application form to 1 267 390 5193 or email to
bulletAs soon as your payment ($295) for the online review classes is received, an instructor will contact you by email to give you your user ID and password.
bulletGo to the George Mason University HyperLearning Meter site. Address will be given to you when you register.
bulletClick on Student Sign-On 
bulletA dialogue will appear asking for your Course, Section, user ID and password. Type Cimpa for Course, 102 for section and the user ID and password which your instructor gave you. Click ok and the main screen will appear. If this does not happen, click here for help
bulletClick on CONCEPT MAP to see the concepts where you will be tested.
bulletClick on SELF-ASSESSMENT to take tests for review purposes. You can take tests on as many concepts for as many times as you like. The self-assessment screens will point you to specific sections of the online references. Simply click on the hyperlink. 

For example, if you are testing on "Fax Over The Internet", you will see a hyperlink to the specific section of your reference book on "Fax Over The Internet".

You can skip concepts you have already mastered and jump to concepts you find difficult. You determine what, when and where you learn.

bulletClick on VIRTUAL COACH to see how you are doing. You will see the color-coded concept map.
bulletConcepts that are colored Green means you have done well in those concepts
bulletRed means you are failing;
bulletYellow is borderline;
bulletGray means you have not tested in these areas.

Your goal is to see a sea of green. When all the concepts on your concept map are colored green, you are ready to make an appointment with a proctor.

Occasionally, you will see a message from your instructor. These could be notes of commendation, encouragement, suggestion - or he may just say "Hello!". Your instructor monitors your progress. He checks his virual record to know how often you are testing, how you are doing, what you are doing wrong and where you are doing well. If necessary, he will call you or point you to more references.

Making an appointment for your examination:

bulletSend in your examination fee ($195) and tell your instructor by email when and where you want to take the examination. He will send you by email the name of the proctor and telephone number to call.
bulletYou call that proctor and set your own appointment.

On the day of the exam:

bulletPlan to arrive at the testing center about 15 minutes before the exam begins.
bulletThe proctor will log you in and instruct you on what to do.
bulletYou will have 3 hours to complete the examination.

After the exam:

bulletYour examination results will be accessed by your instructor who will give you either a pass or fail grade.
bulletIf you pass, a distinctive pin and certificate will be mailed to you. Or if you prefer, you can accept these at a formal ceremony during the  annual conference.

You will be authorized to use the designation CIMP after your name for one year. You will need to take refresher courses at the annual International Technology, Meetings and Incentives Conference to continue using that designation. Remember - technology changes so fast. You need to be up-to-date to continue using the designation CIMP.

bulletIf you fail (it is unlikely that you will fail if you have taken the review classes and saw your concept map in pure green), you can go back and do the review lessons again. You can do this for as many times as you want. Nobody needs to know that you are repeating the review lessons except your instructor.


bulletUnlimited online review classes including reference book: $295
bulletProctored examination, including certificate and pin: $195
bulletInstructor-led course (available only during the annual conferences). 

Please click here to make a payment

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